Wednesday, November 10, 2010

iPhone Apps, Part 1 (10/11/10)-Really do we need all these apps?

iPhone Apps, Part 1 (10/11/10)

Call me a minimalist I guess. For the life of me, I don't understand the need for all of these apps. I guess I haven't fully become ensconced in a techie lifestyle.

The link above is an article/interview with Jimmy Fallon and the bit he did on his show poking fun on apps, such as the Axl Rose Relaxation App and the Stach-ify app. It really is satire on some of the completely useless phone apps that are out there; however, Jimmy does admit to using his iphone and apps more than he uses his computer/laptop.

I can see how the apps are incorporated into our everyday lifestyle, but I honestly feel like I can function without most of them. I do think technology improvements and design will enhance the functionality of many apps so much so that the NEED to use them will be created-because these apps will simplify our lives. I'm not at the point yet..I still Google directions, names, locations and places-go figure. The use of the apps for Entertainment-hasn't quite caught my attention.

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