Thursday, October 7, 2010

Advertising Week Events

ally, last week was a dizzying blur of social media/digital/networking events that kept me busy and on serious brain overload. Thank God I was able to 1) register as an NYU Student for Advertising Week and 2) Justify all my time as work because I am quickly being regarded as the one to ask regarding digital advertising, tactics and social media strategies at the office.
This degree is definitely going to pay off! With all the above said, I attended roughly 4 different panels/events all regarding digital advertising/strategy and social media tactics. Undoubtedly, the best event was the Location Based Services Panel that was sponsored by AWNY-the material was so in-depth and interesting, that it deserved a sole blog post and please read it if you haven't already! So -here's a list of some of the other events that I attended which were interesting-some more than others:
Thursday 9/30/10Advertising Week Events:
1) A Conversation About Music and Marketing, Presented by Superfly Marketing Group. Panelist-Fiona Morrison, Director of Brand Advertising , JET Blue
This was a great case study on how JET Blue has used Music Marketing to engender fans through its "Live from Terminal 5 Series." This didn't have much to do with Social Media, although this gives JET Blue great content for Twitter to make announcements to their followers to inspire them to fly on certain days and gives great content for FB. I attended because I'm a fan of JET Blue and their Marketing Tactics seem to be very cool and help to create brand loyalty and awareness. The brand continues to use "out-of-the box" thinking and with the exception of Virgin America, has really distinguished itself in the marketplace. It's really "cool" to fly JET Blue.
2) Digital Influencers: The New Media Network
Moderator, Jason Harris, President Mekanism
Panelists: iJustine, Digital Influencer/Web Celeb ; Mystery Guitar Man, Joe Penna; Ivy Ross, Chief Marketing Officer, Gap and Jill Fletcher, Social Media Manager, Virgin America
Some of the most salient points in this panel was from the influencers themselves -they said they work with brands they trust and they don't feel pressure to gain more fans/followers. Gap noted that they also pay attention to the influencer fan bases-numbers matter. Gap also understands that budgets are shifting $ to Social Media and they will have to adapt to less control. To that point, Virgin America gave away 120 free flights to bloggers with clout and told them they could say what they wanted -realizing they cant' control everything.
3) AT&T connects-Ad Week Networking Mixer
I met some interesting people from digital agencies. I can honestly say that this week's conference had more digital reps than any other medium


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  2. I was at the Digital Influencers presentation as well.
    It got me thinking about the influencers themselves and what could be the consequences of promoting a broad variety of brands

    IJustine commented she promotes brands she thinks her followers will like, but she also commented that event though her followers know her, she doesn't really know them.

    So how does an influencer best ascertain which brands to promote or not and how can a brand create a relationship with the best possible influencer?